Aphrodisiac foods


Many people have sought agents that can arouse their sexual response since time. Aphrodisiac foods are foods that resemble the genitalia that can help you sport out the problem. Spicy foods have also been considered to have stimulants for sex.The following is a list of foods that are aphrodisiac:


This is one of the aphrodisiac food that have high levels and a reputation of great love and fertility. They also contain amino acids that stimulate the production of hormones for sex hormones i.e. testosterone and are linked to high sex drive.

Chill pepper:

This is a spice which is invigorating and has exotic reputation and is bright red in color to make it aphrodisiac and love symbol


It has a pear sensual shape and ma rich flavor that makes it to have a aphrodisiac reputation. The level of vitamin E in the fruit help in keeping the spark alive since it has a youthful vigor that it mantains.This vitamin E helps your body to charm out testosterone, progesterone and estrogen that circulate in your blood stream to stimulate responses of sex like swelling of the clitoris and lubrication of the vagina.


They have a shape that makes one to think of sex. When wrapping your lips around this fruit that has a phallus shape.Chiquitas have potassium which is a nutrient that strengthens muscles. When you orgasm, the contractions superitenses.


Cocoa has phenylamine chemicals that stimulate subtle feelings of excitement that seem to make sex a good idea.


This is a vegetable which is crunchy and has an aromatic flavor base for stews and soup. It has nutrients that are necessary for sex which is great. It has adrostenol and aldosterone that serve as a sex attractor when it is ingested.

This are all nice foods that you need to try. Many of the are easy to get even in the market.


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