Most romantic restaurants in Otawa, Canada to celebrate a wedding anniversary


A wedding anniversary is supposed to be a celebration of good romantic memories. When people choose to have it at a restaurant, they usually would like to recreate their wedding day or first date or some other related memory. The food on the menu should be able to reflect this. So here is a list of foods to keep off that menu.

1. Becta Dining and Wine:

The Becta Dining and Wine Restaurant located at 150 Elgin Street is a classy, romantic restaurant. The restaurant is well done up in a historic house with fireplaces added to create an inviting and cozy ambience. It gives you an option to choose your dining experience. You can either choose the dining room, the wine bar or the private dining area. You can enjoy the three-course or the five-course sumptuous meal with optional wine pairing.

2. Play Food and Wine:

The Play Food and Wine Restaurant situated at 1 York Street is a fun place and yet one of the most romantic place where you can enjoy your wedding anniversary dinner. It offers shareable small plates and awesome wine to go with it.

3. Salt Dining and Lounge:

The Salt Dining and Lounge restaurant is placed at 345A Preston Street. The chandelier lighting, the live music and the banquettes create a very romantic ambience. Celebrating your wedding anniversary with the exquisite food and wine available here will leave you with lasting memories.

4. Sterling Steakhouse and Seafood:

You will find this restaurant at the 835 Jacques Cartier Road, Gatineau, Que. If you’ll are a couple who loves seafood and steaks, this romantic restaurant is the best place you can celebrate your wedding anniversary. The restaurant is done up in a classic steakhouse manner with walls showcasing wine bottles.

5. Le Cafe:

Le Cafe is another great place to celebrate your special day. It is placed at 53 Elgin Street at the National Arts Centre. It has a perfect setting with the view of the river. The candle lighting truly gives it a warm atmosphere. The food is something you will enjoy too.

6. Allium:

This restaurant sited at 87 Holland Avenue, is a must try place for the celebration of your wedding anniversary. The restaurant exudes a very intimate feeling with low lighting and beautifully designed artwork. The food cooked in French-style is flavourful and savoury.

7. Mamma Grazzi’s Kitchen:

This restaurant is for all pasta loving couples. Located at 25 George Street, this cozy restaurant built with a wooden ceiling and stone walls is perfect for your wedding anniversary dinner. The pasta with the wide range of sauces offered here is truly luscious.

8. Flying Piggy’s Bistro:

If you are planning to treat your wife with Italian cuisine on your wedding anniversary the Flying Piggy’s Bistro restaurant is the place. You will find it on the 1665 Bank Street. The restaurant has a classic Italian ambience that is both inviting and comforting.

9. L’ Orée du Bois:

This romantic restaurant is perfectly set amongst trees in an old farmhouse on the 15 Kingsmere road. The French music, the French cuisine and rustic ambience is truly worth enjoying on your wedding anniversary.

10. The Clarkstown Kitchen and Bar:

This restaurant done in Victorian style architecture is placed at 94 Beechwood Avenue. Apart from the ambience the food served here is also divine. You can enjoy your romantic dinner here at this sausage restaurant.

Whichever restaurant you choose to celebrate your wedding anniversary at, remember it is special moments that make the evening unforgettable. So celebrate it in style!


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