Ideas to surprise your partner


Here is some ideas how to surprise your partner

Gifts / Serenade

Is Valentine’s Day fast approaching and finding you without any good idea on how you should awe your partner? Well worry no more. The following tips will help you set up the perfect surprise for your partner be it your spouse or just a person you have dated for a month. Depending on the occasion, there are several different surprises you can pull off to make them feel even more special.

Leave a paper trail with hints leading to the surprise

They say the small things are what matter the most. Well pull of this stunt and don’t be surprised by how true this statement is. The notes will have a huge impact on their mood before the even get to the surprise which will be a bonus for you. You may also make the hints a little problematic for them to solve just to add to the thrill that awaits them.

Pick them an outfit and surprise them with a date

This particularly applies to guys. It is almost every girl’s dream that their partner does this for them even once in a lifetime and so how about you make their dreams come true. Identify the type of dress she loves and her favorite color. This isn’t difficult to determine as you can randomly as her. Put it on her bed with a note saying that she should wear it and meet you at the set rendezvous. Just make sure that you get the dress size right.

Have a candle lit meal together

It is a cliché to have a candle lit dinner with red roses and so this may not come as a very memorable surprise for your partner. For a change, make it a candle lit breakfast. You can only guess how their mood would be awesome throughout the day if you manage to do this. It may be difficult to do this at home as it will require you to probably wake up early in the morning and set thing so that you don’t spoil the surprise. To counter this, you can choose to book a special restaurant table in his/her favorite restaurant.

Make them a photo album

You partner probably prefers a gift that lasts for long and comes with fond memories. You may go out of your way to make this item for them. Be sure to use some of their favorite photos, including those that bear special memories that you have shared together. To break the monotony, you may had photos of them when they were young and even photos of family and close friends

Send a hand-written romantic message

They will definitely not expect this. Hand written messages in envelops have become a thing of the past since the advent and growth in popularity of the mobile phone. Put your feelings and love down on paper. Just make sure they are not the common internet love quotes that the partner will end up thinking that you downloaded from the web. Be creative and show them love the traditional way


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