Foods to Avoid when Planning a Menu for a Restaurant Wedding Anniversary


A wedding anniversary is supposed to be a celebration of good romantic memories. When people choose to have it at a restaurant, they usually would like to recreate their wedding day or first date or some other related memory. The food on the menu should be able to reflect this. So here is a list of foods to keep off that menu.

Smelly foods:

There are a number of foods that are really smelly and should be left out, these include fish, kimchi, boiled eggs, raw onions and other foods that you may know have a foul smell that will kill the mood.

Messy Foods:

Some foods are very hard to eat without ending up with a messed up dress. Hot dogs are examples of that. It takes a lot of care for some people to eat hot dogs without ending up with mustard on their clothing or all over their mouth. Restaurants need to be mindful that they do not end up embarrassing the people attending the anniversary.

Foods that cause allergic reactions:

There are some foods that are known to cause allergic reactions like nuts and at times the menu may not clearly state that there are nuts in a particular dish so it is better to leave out foods that are known to cause allergic reactions completely.

Offensive foods:

Certain foods are just offensive in certain parts of the world for example in America, it would be best not to include dog meat since those are pets and in India beef would be a no-no since that is a god. There are foods that may be noxious generally and those should be left out altogether.

In general, it is important that a restaurant does research on the clientele and finds out what kind of food they would not like to have at an anniversary.


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