Restaurant menu for celebrating a wedding anniversary


Every wedding anniversary is worth a celebration. It may be your first anniversary or your seventy-fifth, every anniversary is a moment to treasure, a gift from above. It is a moment to celebrate your marriage and your years of togetherness.

How about celebrating your wedding anniversary at a romantic restaurant? Or if you want to surprise a couple with a party for their wedding anniversary, a beautifully set up restaurant is the best choice. After finalizing the venue, decide on the guest list and the deco. If you are planning on a theme party deciding on the decoration for the place will take time and efforts.

After all this, the next big step of planning is the menu. It is definitely not easy to create a restaurant menu for the celebration as there are a number of guests that you need to cater to all with different tastes. Here are a couple of ideas that will help you draft a menu for the occasion. The first aspect to keep in mind when deciding the menu is the budget. Remember to plan in such a way that you remain in the confinement of your budget. When deciding the menu, the important things to consider are the drinks, the appetizers, the main course, the sides and the desserts.

Let us begin with the drinks. A celebration without popping a bottle of champagne is incomplete. So that should be the first thing on the list. Don’t compromise on the choice of champagne, select a popular brand. After that it is time to shortlist the pre-dinner drinks. You can have some classic cocktails, wine and blended Scotch whisky on the list. For the non-alcoholics you can select fresh juice or mock tails.

Next we can move on to the appetizers. Select a couple of vegetarian appetizers and a couple of non-vegetarian starters. You can have a salad as that is one option agreeable to all. You can also include any of these - French fries, crab cakes, baked chicken wings, Pita or tortilla chips with a veggie dip, meatballs and/or cheesy bacon crostinis.

Next, we will see some main course options along with the side dishes. You can have one pasta or risotto dish on the cards. Everybody loves chicken, so you can include a chicken dish. It may be baked, roasted or grilled. You can also include saucy lamb chops with steamed veggies. Yet another option is to serve a meaty stew with freshly baked bread. If you have seafood lovers, then try to induce a seafood dish in the menu.

And finally we move on to the best and most tempting course of all, the desserts. Before we get into the after meal desserts, don’t forget the cake. If it is a celebration, a cake is a must to grace the occasion. Make sure you order for an amazing wedding anniversary cake. As for the desserts you can have ice cream sundaes or puddings.

It is very important to keep the tastes of majority of guests in mind when selecting the menu, but do not sideline the rest of the guests totally. The next time you have a wedding anniversary celebration; remember to keep these tips in mind, so that you will have your restaurant menu ready in no time.


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